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Dangerous Goods (Hazmat) Resources and Regulatory Updates

Our goal is to bring you the most useful dangerous goods (hazmat) resources and dangerous goods regulatory updates that we can cull from various resources. If you find a particularly valuable resource that you think should be included here, please send an email to:

Amendments and Corrections to the 58th Edition (2017) of the IATA DGR

New Lithium Battery Rule March 30, 2017

Pulication of International Harmonization Rule HM215-N

DOT announcement on lithium battery compliance under international standards; PHMSA Notice Feb. 27, 2017

Revisions to 2017 Operator Variations as of 26 December 2016

2017 IATA Lithium Battery Guidance Document

Significant Changes and Amendments to the 58th Edition (2017)

IATA Calls for Clampdown on Rogue Lithium Battery Shippers

New IATA lithium battery guidance.  Includes state of charge regulation issued 7 January 2016

Discussion of additional potential IATA/ ICAO changes for lithium batteries in 2016

Attention Lithium Battery Shippers Using DOT Rules [Re: Docket No. PHMSA-2009-0095 (HM-224F)] - Extension in Compliance Deadline

The Pipeline Hazardous Materials Administration (PHMSA) has issued an extension to the compulsory time frame for compliance for NON-AIR shipments from February 6, 2015 until August 7, 2015. This docket covering Lithium Battery shipping regulations essentially harmonizes the DOT regulations with the international air and ocean regulations - with some exceptions. This final rule extension comes as the result of several industry groups realizing the major change in the ground shipping rules, that now requires marking and documentation of even single (excepted battery) shipment. They need more time to adapt the changes to their operational and training requirements. For more details, please see the above link or contact our customer support team via email at:

IATA /ICAO Updates

Interactive Lithium Battery Flow Chart

Lithium Battery Marking, Labeling and Preparation Guide

Consumer Commodity Brief

Frequently asked Questions about ORM-D and ID 8000 Consumer Commodities

New Lithium Battery Rule August 6, 2014

Lithium Batteries: Notable Changes Result from PHMSA’s Final Rule — HM-224F

Dangerous Goods Regulatory Updates Page

The latest in IATA, DOT and IMDG Regulatory Updates

Information on Training Requirements

Executive Briefing on Training plus DOT Training Resources

Dangerous Goods Declaration

IATA has a fillable form you can use for completing your DGDs. Make sure to include an emergency phone number for most US shipments.

IMDG Ocean Dangerous Goods Delcaration in word format

IMDG Ocean Dangerous Goods Declaration in pdf format

Where to purchase IATA, IMDG and CFR 49 regulations (for worldwide shipments)

E-CFR 49

An electronic version of the Code of Federal Regulations

IATA Lithium Battery Guidance Document

This document provides guidance for complying with provisions applicable to the transport by air of lithium batteries as set out in the 2014 IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

ICAO Considers Total Ban on Lithium Metal Batteries

A copy of the document from the ICAO Secretariat

DOT Chart 16

Chart 15 has been replaced by an updated Chart 16 showing DOT Hazardous Materials Markings, Labeling and Placarding Guide

DOT Chart 15 in Spanish

IATA Checklists

IATA Radioactive Checklist 2018

IATA Non Radioactive Checklist 2018

IATA Dry Ice Checklist 2018

Multi-modal Checklist

Quick Multi-modal Checklist for preliminary survey only. This is not an official checklist.

How to Survive a FAA Inspection

A checklist for shippers, forwarders and carriers.

Emergency Response Guidebook - 2016

Current copy of the North American Emergency Response Guidebook (2016). Published every 4 years.

Material Safety Data Sheet Information (now Safety Data Sheets (SDSs))

The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) (29 CFR 1910.1200(g)), revised in 2012, requires that the chemical manufacturer, distributor, or importer provide Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) (formerly MSDSs or Material Safety Data Sheets) for each hazardous chemical to downstream users to communicate information on these hazards. The information contained in the SDS is largely the same as the MSDS, except now the SDSs are required to be presented in a consistent user-friendly, 16-section format.

OSHA QuickCard outlining the 16 required areas on the SDS.

DGD Form for How to Ship a Motorcycle

Packing Instruction for How to Ship a Motorcycle

List of "Hidden Dangerous Goods"

Full list of "hidden" Dangerous Goods from the IATA DGR.


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Free Hazmat Tech Support Copies of Regulations Packing Companies Government Agencies Conferences

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